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About Us

At the intersection of wild green spaces that get you closer to nature and convenience lies wild conTENTment,a pimped-up camping experience. At the heart of the experience is our 120-cow dairy farm, New House Farm  on the English/Welsh border which has been built up over 3 generations by Robert & Olive, Roger & Isabelle and now David & Susie,  After running several successful charity events on the farm in recent years we revelled in watching others enjoy the land we are lucky enough to inhabit. In 2017 we started to think about some form of camping/glamping experience that was kind to the environment. We passionately believe that nature is vital to well-being and simplicity is at our core.

The farm is not managed extensively and whilst we are not organic the environment is a major part of our management policy. We use solar energy and have just pledged to stop growing maize, an environmentally damaging crop, to make way for protein crops which will reduce our soya usage. Our cows, all named individually with personalities to match,  graze free-range on the fields for at least 6 months of the year. So don't be surprised if you come across one or two friendly souls walking along the footpaths (rest assured you won't come across any bulls).  We are committed to enriching the landscape and pledge to use at least 10% of the profit we make from wild conTENTment to go into re-wilding schemes around the farm. We have already ear-marked a hill-side in need of a woodland make-over. 

Our approach to hospitality is one of light touch and accessibility for ALL. Light touch on the environment and on you.  There are 10 pitches in one 8 acre field so you wont be continually coming across hoards of other tourists. There are compost bins on each site to take food waste which will all be used as fertiliser for the grass in the spring. Many items that you can hire are recycled from other businesses.  

For those a little daunted by the fully wild camping experience we hope to provide enough support and optional luxuries to make your stay with us relaxing and stress-free so all you leave with is an experience of wild contentment. 

Explore our site to see what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

David & Susie

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