Meal boxes

As a low-carbon footprint initiative and to showcase some local food heroes we provide visitors with low-plastic fresh wholesome meal boxes which are easy and simple to cook. 

We hope this option appeals to those of you who love the idea of sitting round the campfire preparing a feast but are a little unsure what to cook and want some time to relax. In an aim to try and reduce waste on site, where possible food items will be sought from local retailers supporting plastic free initiatives. 

Each box will provide the all important simple instruction manual which has been tested on our children! Boxes also includes pans and any essential utensils needed for the dish. At the end of the meal simply rinse everything down and then place everything back in the box and we will pick them up the next morning. 

Please take all the necessary precautions when handling raw meat or chicken. Re-usable gloves will be provided. 

As you go through the booking add the number of meal boxes you require for your stay. We will email with booking confirmation and during this exchange please state the meals your require. Full ingredients list will also be provided at this point. Please check for any allergies.

Breakfast boxes can also be ordered which include local freshly squeezed Apple Juice, milk, oats, homemade jam or marmalade, local honey. Please enquire for cost and full list of contents. 

Choose from items below:

Satay Sweet Potato Curry (vegan, gluten free)

Easy, wholesome and tasty. Takes 30 minutes.

Mushroom Risotto 

Easy to cook and very tasty. 30 mins to cook

Paella (gluten free)

Chicken and Prawns cooked in a single pot with peppers, peas and rice. 20 mins cooking time.


Chicken, Beef or Vegetable Options. Sizzle peppers and onions with your chosen ingredient and serve with your own salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole and wraps. 30 mins cooking time. 

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Zingy fresh flavours of lime, coriander, coconut milk, lemongrass and ginger combine perfectly with chicken and mushrooms. Mild heat but suitable for most children. Served with rice. 30 mins cooking time. 

Hot Dog Box

Award winning local sausages from Moor farm (or burgers), ketchup, mustard, fresh finger rolls and something for later... giant marshmallows, digestive biscuits, and all important skewers for toasting. 15 mins cooking time


All the ingredients to make your own dough and all the usual suspects for toppings. Great one for the kids to be creative and have fun. Pizzas can be cooked on the hot plate on the fire bowl. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

The old favourite. All the ingredients to make a great Spag Bol. 20 mins cooking time

Kasmiri Butter Chicken.

This mild creamy child-friendly curry is full of flavour. Supposedly this is the dish which the now famous Tikka Masala originated from. Served with rice and nan bread. 20 mins cooking time. 

Vegan Bean Chilli

A hearty healthy bean-filled chilli with chipolte sauce, cocoa, black beans, kidney beans and peppers. Served with wraps, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and coriander. 30 mins cooking time 

Cote Hill Sharing Supper

The best award winning blue cheese (Cote Hill Blue from food heroes in Lincolnshire, not local to Shropshire but bought back from my cousins dairy farm) warmed with figs (from our friends tree), walnuts, a red wine reduction, honey and thyme. Served with crusty bread. Magnificent